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Are you looking for Professional Massage Therapies in Leeds? Anna at Ray of Light can help. Check out what Anna's customers have to say about her services.

Professional Complementary Therapies in Leeds

Testimonials from Ray of Light customers in Leeds

"I've been enjoying treatments with Anna since 2009 and would really miss it if I had to stop for any reason"

Elaine Walton


"Anna is wonderful, she puts me at my ease and is good to talk to"

Rajwinder Gosal


"The most important benefits of the treatments I receive are relaxation and stress relief"

Alex Holland


Anna currently offers therapies in the workplace on a weekly basis to employees at British Gas. Here are some testimonials from their staff:


"Anna puts you totally at ease and the treatment is very therapeutic; providing relief from a long standing ailment"

Chris Hoole


"Anna is a really nice lady and having treatments always de-stresses me"

Sharon Hale


"I've had a knot in my back for a long time - Anna sorted it out in 10 minutes"

Mark Robinson


"I love the music and general atmosphere when entering the treatment room"

Annie Smith


Here's some recent feedback from clients at the Open University who enjoyed a full day of on-site therapies with Anna:


"I enjoyed the massage yesterday. The way the room was set up made for a more relaxing environment. Good massage itself. Responsive to individual requirements. Careful checking of people’s health background; health and safety conscious."


"I really enjoyed the massage. The room was set up really nicely. Very relaxing. Anna made extra effort to work on my dodgy shoulder and gave me advice how to treat it myself too. She gave a really strong massage and checked if the pressure was fine for me."


"I really enjoyed this session. It was much better than the previous person because the bed was extremely comfortable, the atmosphere and music all added to the experience. Anna was very professional and I felt a measurable improvement during and after the massage which really made a difference when I started working around the building again. This was definitely the best well-being session so far! More please!"

For professional massage therapies in Leeds, call Ray of Light on

0780 677 4068.

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