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At Ray of Light, Anna can offer a range of therapies that can be carried out at your work place in Leeds. Have your staff feeling great with her range of treatments.


Allowing your employees a few minutes rest while they enjoy a mini treatment will help them return to the task in hand feeling refreshed and also valued by their employer. You can therefore expect to increase your staff's commitment, output and morale.


Current corporate clients include British Gas, Unilever and the Open University.


Anna can offer seated mini treatments at employee's desks (taking around 5 minutes) or alternatively, she can set up a treatment area in a spare meeting room or staff room.

On-site Therapies in Leeds

Mini therapies at the desk or in a separate room:

At Ray of Light, our prices are extremely competitive.

Half day (4 hours) - £90

Full day (7 hours) - £150


Therapies available with a couch in a separate room:

Half day - £125

Full Day - £180


This on-site massage service is applicable to males and females. Call Anna on 07806 774 068 for more info.

The above packages are also ideal for any public, private or fundraising event you might be organising and the same pricing structure applies. At Ray of Light, Anna can provide a range of workshops within the Leeds area for your company, club or group of friends.


Participants learn how to use simple skills both on themselves and on each other to alleviate stress, combat fatigue, improve wellbeing and promote relaxation. These workshops can be of particular benefit within a corporate setting as they not only encourage teamwork but can also lead to better focus and concentration, reduced sick leave and therefore increased productivity in your workforce.  Making this sort of investment in your employees has the added advantage of demonstrating to your staff how much you value them - A definite morale booster!


Workshops available include:

•  Introduction to relaxation techniques (includes breathing exercise, massage exercise and visualisation exercise)

•  Introduction to Reiki (learn simple Reiki healing techniques)

•  Stress busting

•  Learn hand massage

•  Learn foot massage

•  Learn shoulder massage

•  Learn face massage

•  Learn head massage


None of these workshops require participants to remove more than minimal clothing, i.e. shoes and socks at the most!


Anna can do workshops for up to 15 people at a time and each one lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.  Anna can provide up to four workshops a day for your organisation with a special block booking price for more than two workshops on the same day.  Anna only requires a suitable room and PowerPoint facilities for these workshops.

Events and Workshops around Leeds


Price per workshop – 1 hour: £75

If booking more than two workshops on the same day, the price of the third and fourth workshop is reduced to £50 per additional workshop.


Please note: On-site therapies, events and workshops are open to both male and female clients

onsite therapies

If you have a suitable room available, Anna can also bring along her treatment couch to offer slightly longer treatments and a wider choice.


Treatments available include:

•  Shoulder and Neck Massage

•  Back Massage

•  Head Massage

•  Hand Massage

•  Foot Massage

•  Face Massage

•  Reiki


These therapies are also ideal for staff development events, staff away days and staff incentive events as a reward for your hard working employees. (Same pricing structure applies).

Treat your workforce to an on-site massage day. Ray of Light offers a mobile service to companies in the Leeds area. For any event you might be hosting, call 

0780 677 4068.

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